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Business Level

The annual trade show staged by the Hamilton and District Apartment Association is set for March 11. The event runs at the Michelangelo Banquet Centre, 1555 Upper Ottawa St., 6:30–8:30pm...
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Executive Level

The Casper Area Chamber of Commerce will be hosting their 2015 Business to Business (B2B) EXPO “Rock & Roll is here to Stay!” The Trade Show will be held Thursday, February 5th...
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Premium Level

Each year, Trade Show News Network compiles a list of the Top 250 Trade Shows ranked by net square footage in the United States and Top 50 trade shows ranked by net sq. footage in...
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Basic Advertising Package

Nowadays, it's almost as though you can find a wedding trade show somewhere in your area nearly every day of the week, all year round. (Likely because so-called wedding "season" now seems to...
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Standard Advertising Package

With all the hand-wringing inspired by the recent economic news coming out of Switzerland, it’s easy to forget that the country’s watchmakers are still hard at work. This week Geneva plays host...
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Premium Advertising Package

Although technology is an added cost, there are now affordable options available for most exhibitors, says Graziano. Consider these latest trends and options when evaluating which shows to exhibit...
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i-Booth Development

FREE - Standard i-Booth Option

Prior to the first green flag of the year, CMS has scheduled two pre-season appearances. The first such appearance takes place at the annual Bodee’s Racers Auction and Tradeshow on Saturday...
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Business / Executive Level i-Booth

FABTECH, an event for metal forming, fabricating, finishing and welding, experienced its most successful Atlanta show to date, exceeding attendance, exhibitor and floor space records...
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Premium Level i-Booth

People can get a head start planning their dream vacation Feb. 8 at the Monmouth County Vacation Expo at Sickles Market, 1 Harrison Ave., Little Silver. The expo, hosted by Sickles Market and...
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Media Production

East Coast 'SURF' Convention

While much of the Eastern Seaboard suffered under a cold snap Jan. 8–10, weather in Orlando, Fla., was a relatively balmy 60 degrees Fahrenheit or so, which was a good backdrop to Surf Expo...
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First "Drone" Trade Show

Drones have been controversially used for military and surveillance purposes but Wings director Tom Williams said they should be recognised as a crucial technological watershed, and not...
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Doubledutch Improves Mobile App

Event organizers can now use cutting edge beacon technology to send important and timely messages to attendees’ mobile devices. This allows organizers to welcome people to their event, promote...
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Live Podcasts

Optimism Fuels Auto Expo

The mood is exuberant at this year's North American International Auto Show. Automakers are flush with profits and the show gleams with performance cars, beefy trucks and exciting experiments..
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New French RTW B2B Trade Show

The French Women’s Ready-to-Wear Federation is launching a new trade show in Paris aimed at connecting fashion brands with service providers. The first edition of Traffic will take place Nov. 4 and 5 at...
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Railgun Featured at Naval Expo

The Electromagnetic Railgun—a weapon that will play a significant role in the future of the U.S. Navy—will be on display to the public for the first time on the East Coast Feb. 4-5 at the Naval Future...
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